Bahian Island Calm

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Heather & Fred's Excellent Adventure

Fred here. After our couple of days in Salvador, it was time for some true beach R & R. We boarded the high speed catamaran from Salvador on a Monday morning for a 2.5 hour ride south, bound for Morro de São Paolo, a village on the island of Tinharé. Our original plan was to be in Morro for about 5 days but we met an Italian guy named Roberto in Salvador who said we needed to check out another island called Boipeba that was a bit more off the beaten path. I’ll get to that shortly. Let’s start with Morro. Arriving at the port we were quickly accosted by ‘taxi drivers’. These taxi drivers aren’t what us city folk are used, or what anyone is used to for that matter. They’re wheelbarrow toting locals, looking to help you with your bags to wherever your staying. In a majority of…

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