Cycling Arround Bali Island

As we know that Bali has very famous with the tourism sector until the world. Bali like honey that always give the investor stimulate to distribution their money. At least we see the many development almost agricultural land destroy. I am sorry tell about the fact situation in Bali.

Okey, lets I want share about the cycling in Bali especialy in Denpasar. I am joint the Lelasan Berseri Cycling Club from 2012 and than every sunday morning have the good track to cycling. I want share some picture when I visit the good object by me.

Cycling Arround Bali Island
This picture when cycling with rice field view at Mambal village area. still green coy.

See from the back if our cycling club visit the Wongaya Gede village near Batukaru mountain in Tabanan regency.

I am sorry show my picture when still break at Nyuh Kuning Ubud village while eaten the “bubuh sumsum”. This village is very memorable because I am addiction cycling from the good view to Ubud. Ubud very famouse with the meditation and many tourist like yoga and spritual.

Well, here is Candidasa beach in Karangasem regency. Actually we are passing to Candidasa because we want to visit Karangasem regency. Candidasa well know because there are a beach with has a beautiful coral view, near the beach there is a hill which has the tracking area so it is a perfect combination of hill and beach. Thats way it become one of tourism object which visited by a lot of foreign people.

The location of Pandawa beach is in Kutuh village – Bukit Ungasan Badung. The local people say the secret beach because not many people know this place. Pandawa is the good figure in old myth and any five figure there from the white big stone as my picture. Here is amazing place white the white sand natural. Some seaweed farmer still enjoy their activity althought the local governmert starting the introduct the Pandawa beach. Lets come here.

This location of picture is on stair of Amed village – Karangasem with the steep road and good view. My background are Amed-Tulamben beach and the Agung Mt hill.

#cihuuuuiiii do you know Bedugul area ? very famouse with the cold object and Kebun Raya Bedugul is the big natural forest of heterogent species. Beside that one of temple in the center lake Bratan is very rare in the world.
Lets pict that !

The last of my share photo is in Penglipuran village. Very special with the same home and arsitecture desain. they are very unified in growth the building home, they received everything culture from their old ancestor. Welcome to visit the Penglipuran.

The end of my share about the best object when I am cycling in Bali Island.


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